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diamondWhen I got Diamond the breeder suggested that I should look into getting underground fencing. After inquiring to three other dealers, I found out about OUTA SIGHT CANINE SERVICES and I was very impressed with their program, in fact so much so I ordered a system for my baby Diamond. It was the best for Diamond as she was only 3 months old and the system could be adjusted for her small stature. She learned very quickly and now at one year old is happy to run the ball over the whole yard anytime she feels like. She never attempts to leave the yard with or without the collar on.

Carol C. and Diamond

CostaCosta (MinPin):
Here are some pictures of Costa outside. We have not had any escapes yet!!! Thank you so much!!

Scott and Michele

My husband an I have had our Dog Guard fence for over a year.  When we purchased it we had a big Bloodhound who loved to dance and play in our four Koi ponds. Our  two problems were keeping the dog out of the ponds and keeping him in our yard. We live in the country and there is plenty to lead our Bloodhound astray.  Our Koi ponds provide my “quiet time” and I find watching the fish swimming to be very relaxing and wanted to protect them.  I call that area my safe zone. Dog Guard came out to inspect the property to see what could be done.  He designed a system that cordoned off all the ponds so that the dog cannot get to them and keeps the dog at home.

A few months ago we got a German Shepherd pup and Dog Guard came out and fitted her with an electronic collar.  We walked the area twice to train her and then the Bloodhound took over and taught her what her boundaries were and now we leave the collars on all the time.  They learned very quickly where they could roam and it gives us peace of mind to know they are safe.

Bob and Cathy Young
Beverley Hills, Florida

IMG_0035.JPGWe live in a villa and our backyard backs up to a golf course.  We were walking our dog two to three times a day in the designated areas for dogs as we live in a deed restricted community that has strict property rules, one being no fences.  My husband who is disabled cannot always walk our dog Kippy and I am not always around to do the walk.  We called our friend, who owns Outa Sight Canine Services LLC and designed an area in our backyard for the Dog Guard out of sight fence.  We have to say this is one of the best investments we have made.  Now we put on Kippy’s collar and off he goes to the backyard and does what he had to do. I still walk Kippy but love our fence especially on those rainy and very cold days!  We highly recommend the Dog Guard System to anyone who has a dog(s) – it’s great and you and your dog will love it!

Jerry & Florence Kippenberger
Spring Hill, Florida

StAugustine2008035We’ve had the Dog Guard system for over three years now at four different locations between our home and business properties.  All of our dogs, from Great Danes, a German Sheppard to our smallest, a MinPin mix, have been trained on the system.  Dog Guard’s knowledgeable and courteous staff are responsive and spend the time it takes to properly train the dogs ( & the Owners!) to thDogs Jumpingeir new boundaries.  Its a wonderful system, easy to use and easy on the dogs.  We never have to worry about our dogs going missing or running out into the street.  Thanks Dog Guard…we and our pups are grateful!

Jim and Dawn Roy
Brooksville, Florida

I just wanted to let you know how much my wife and I, as well as our neighbors, really appreciate the underground fence and the service you provided us. We were certain that any company we called would have a hard time not only understanding what we wanted to do, but would also charge us an outrageous fee. Instead, you quickly showed us how we could combine our 2 backyards to give the dogs a long run, while also setting up the front yards to limit them to their own yards. The dogs love the room in the back and we love the piece of mind knowing they want run away. Like you pointed out, with your initial work and following your instructions for continued training, the dogs quickly picked up on where the fence is. And best of all, your price was very reasonable.

Thank you again. I would highly recommend anyone to use Dog Guard for them and their pets.

Jim Stallard
Odessa, Florida

dog fence tampaMax is an 8 month old Australian Shephard,  very smart and very high energy. He was becoming to much for us to handle. We thought about giving him away. Then we found you and Dogguard. Max is still high energy, but we can trust him not to leave our property. He has tested his boundaries a few times, but never goes past the fence. He’s happy and so are we. Thanks Jodi, Outa Sight Canine and Dogguard.

Marge Nanfra
Spring Hill, Florida


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